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We first became aware of the benefits of the raw diet when our dog Junior, was about 5 months old. He had been a very sickly puppy. In a short 6 weeks he was diagnosed with kennel cough, an ear infection, mouth warts and eventually a severe case of pneumonia that the vet described as 'life threatening'. My husband started working from home full time so that Junior could be monitored around the clock. We spent over a month not knowing if he would live or die. At our vet's suggestion we put him on a combination of holistic and traditional medications.

After spending thousands of dollars on tests, he was diagnosed with an underdeveloped immune system, making him extremely susceptible to any illness. Our vet suggested switching him to a natural raw-food diet to help strengthen his immune system. She provided reading materials that described how a dog's digestive system is actually designed to digest raw food, She also told us the names of some raw food manufacturers. We immediately went to our local pet store and purchased a case of frozen food and decided on the spot to switch all of our dogs over to the new food.

Within a couple weeks, I purchased my first electric food grinder and within a short time was making batches of fresh food that the dogs eagerly devoured. Everywhere I went with Junior, people complimented his beautiful coat.   I'd then explain to them about the raw diet  and  how  it  saved  his  life. Each time I'd get the same response: "I've heard so much about the benefits of a raw diet, but the commercial brands are SO expensive. I'd make it myself, but I don't even have time to cook for my family, much less for my dog."


Three months later, when Junior turned a year old, we took him to the vet for his annual wellness exam. The test results floored me. His immune system was now operating at 100%, all on it's own...

A few weeks later while I was making a fresh batch of dog food, I realized that it had become a passion of mine. On the spot, I decided to start Junior's Handcrafted Dog Food. We love all dogs and want them to have the best life that they can. We believe that this diet will help them stay healthy and live longer.*


See what it can do for YOUR dog...


Dan Lavin

Founder, Junior's Pet Food

Juniors Story


In just over a week, Junior's coat went from a dull, brittle, faded look to being so shiny and lustrous that he looked like he just came back from the groomers. Within 2 weeks time we began to notice an increase in his energy level. By the end of the first month, he was acting like a puppy again and was building noticeable muscle tone. He was healing right in front of our eyes. Seeing the immediate benefits of this new diet, I knew we were on the right track. I started researching recipes to make raw dog food from scratch. I realized that while the commercial raw dog food is better than kibble or canned food, it is still processed and often contains preservatives.
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